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Zunami White

Zunami White is the founder of the Guardian Women program and the Chief Instructor.  She is also the Co-Director and Senior Instructor of Guardian Defence. She has over 10 years of experience as an Advanced Civilian Krav Maga Instructor, certified under Tactical Krav Maga (2009) and earned the rank of Senior Krav Maga Instructor under Guardian Krav Maga (2017).


She has trained with some of the world’s most elite instructors including Dr. Itay Gil, Ran Nakash, Avi Abeceedon, Roy Faiga, Raymond Floro and Dave Paulii (ISR Matrix).

Zunami is the world’s first woman to be certified as an instructor in Floro Fighting System’s edged weapons defence, trained exclusively by Raymond Floro.

Her passion lies in helping women discover life autonomy and empowerment through self-defence with a feminist directive. 

"I will continue to fight for a world free from violence against women but until that day comes I can only rely on myself for my personal safety" - Zunami White

Rose Wilson-Harrison

Rose started training with us back in 2017 and enjoyed the increased confidence, autonomy and great community she found at Guardian. She followed her passion and has gone on to become certified as a Guardian Women Instructor.


Rose is passionate about providing opportunities for people to learn at their own pace in a safe environment. She approaches self defence from an intersectional feminist perspective and aims to make her classes a positive and empowering experience.

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